So long summer. So long playing all day. It's time to dust off backpacks and notebooks and get back into the classroom. In the coming weeks the school buses will start running and students will be welcomed back by their teachers.

The teachers have been already been busy getting classrooms ready for a new wave of eager learners. They've been preparing lesson plans and outlining the coming semester. There's no warm up for them, they have to hit the ground running when school starts back up.

Parents have been busy too. School supplies have been on the shelves for weeks and parents have been getting all the necessities purchased. Some parents will be doing this for the last time as their children will graduate high school after this year. Others are doing it for the first time, their children headed off to kindergarten.

The one thing everyone has in common is the hope their child will make the most of their educational opportunity. The lessons learned in class will be carried with them for the rest of their lives. No matter what grade they enter this year, they will be learning things that will help them succeed later on.

In order to do that, a system of support needs to be in place.

Teachers need to be supported. They have a difficult job. They have the responsibility to impart knowledge to their students. Classroom sizes are never small enough to give every student the individual attention they deserve. That means finding ways to encourage and motivate students that quickly grasp lessons while giving extra help to those that struggle.

Offering to help on special projects or chaperone special events makes their job a little bit easier and gives them more time to concentrate on teaching all of the children in their class.

Students need support too. They're trying to absorb a lot of information in a short amount of time. After they leave the building, it is up to family and the community to help them process what they've learned that day. Parents should be aware of what their child is learning and make sure their assignments are completed on time. If the student needs help, take the time to sit with them and help them grasp the information. If possible, involve community members with special knowledge of the topic.

A child's education is what sets them up for a successful and productive life. Few things are as important as the years they spend in school. Take time to make sure that each of those years, whether they be a kindergartener or high school senior, are the best they can be.

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