Black Rabbit RV explosion

An RV owned by an Oregon couple that was parked at the Black Rabbit RV Park in Hamilton is considered a complete loss after a leaking propane tank ignited Monday morning. The couple who own the trailer suffered minor injuries. 


An Oregon couple escaped serious injuries Monday after a propane canister in their RV exploded, destroying the motor home.

Lisa Bennett with Montana Westgate Realty Inc. was working when she heard a loud “boom” about 8:30 a.m.

“It was loud enough and big enough that the ground shook,” Bennett said. “We are across the street from the Black Rabbit RV Park, and I looked out and one of the RV trailers — a new one — was engulfed. There was a lot of black smoke.”

Hamilton Fire Chief Brad Mohn said the man was outside when the explosion occurred, but the woman was in the RV. They both had minor injuries, and neither was transported to the hospital.

“There was a propane tank on the fifth-wheel camper; it had been leaking and finally found an ignition source and ignited,” Mohn said. “The trailer is a complete loss. I’d say about a $100,000 loss with the contents of the trailer.”

Mohn said he offered to contact the Red Cross to find assistance for the couple, but they declined any aid.