VICTOR – The Victor School District will ask voters to approve a $125,000 building reserve levy on May 8 to replace a current levy of the same amount that is expiring this year.

Like the last one, the proposed levy is for $25,000 for each of the next five years.

Victor School District superintendent Lance Pearson said the levy will not increase property taxes.

“The old levy is sunsetting, so we are not adding anything to anyone’s tax burden,” he said. “The levy adds up to about $5 a year for a home with a value of $100,000, and it’s the exact same amount as the one that is in place right now.”

The money will be used for some much-needed repairs, Pearson explained, including asbestos removal projects.

“We have some new buildings and some old buildings,” he said. “Our main building here is very old, and we have some issues with it. We would use the money to modify entrances and remove asbestos, and that costs a ton. We have asbestos-lined pipes in our heating system, which is in the main middle school building. It’s no danger to kids at this point, but as they start to fade and we have to replace them it’s a huge process.”

Pearson said the school is going to require expensive maintenance and roof repairs in the near future as well.

“We have wonderful facilities for the most part, but we do have some things happening that are going to need our attention,” he said. “There is so much upkeep. We already operate on a base budget, which means we don’t have any additional taxes going out to the community. But we want to be able to keep up the building nicely, and improve the safety and overall condition of the building.”

The levy election will be held at the Victor School gymnasium on May 8. For more information, call Luanne at 642-3221.

Reach reporter David Erickson at 363-3300 or

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