The Hamilton School District is looking to upgrade the infrastructure at Daly Elementary, and they need the community’s support.

The district is applying to the Montana Department of Commerce for the Montana Quality Schools Grant to make some much-needed facility improvements to the school as part of their master plan.

If they get the money, the district hopes to replace failed restroom floor structures, finishes and other equipment; relocate the administration offices to a central location on the south edge of the building; eliminate pass-through classrooms and eliminate windowless classrooms.

The school also hopes to replace the old steam boiler with a new hot water boiler and make improvements to the air quality system by aligning the system design with the room configuration.

“The boiler is obviously the big one,” said principal Eric Larsen. “It’s the original boiler that was put in when the school was built in 1969, and it only has one year left. We’ve gotten a lot of miles out of it, but it needs replacing. That’s really what spurred us to go after this money. This grant is how we got a new boiler at Washington School.”

Part of the grant application includes showing public support for the project.

“We’re looking to see if members of the public are willing to sign a support letter and/or even write something to show support,” Larsen said.

Letters of support for the grant can be dropped of at any Hamilton school, sent via email to or mailed to HSD3, Quality Schools Grant, 217 Daly Ave., Hamilton, MT 59840.

Anyone who would like more information please come to the public meeting that will happen in the library of Daly Elementary School’s Open House event on Thursday, Sept. 20, from 5:30–6:30 p.m. at 208 Daly Ave. in Hamilton.

Reach reporter David Erickson at 363-3300 or

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