White ribbon week

White Ribbon Week in Ravalli County, a community-wide event designed to raise awareness about domestic violence, is Oct. 22 to 28.

Show your support for ending domestic violence by wearing a white ribbon during the week-long event. Ribbons are available at SAFE, SAFE Thrift Store, and Chapter One Book Store. People also may request ribbons to distribute at churches, businesses, book clubs, or other gatherings by calling 363-2793.

We all have a role to play in ending domestic violence. Wearing a ribbon is a simple way to send the powerful message that we all deserve to live in homes that are safe and free from violence. When you wear a white ribbon, you tell people who are experiencing domestic violence that their community is supportive and invested in healthy relationships. You tell individuals who use physical, emotional, verbal, or sexual violence in their relationships that their abusive behavior is not condoned.

Some people wear a ribbon to honor lives lost. Some wear ribbons to show support for survivors, others do so to connect with their own experiences. Some people want to raise the standard for how we treat one another. Others want to renew their commitment to building a healthier community.

The White Ribbon Campaign is sponsored by the Ravalli County Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual violence. The coalition is a group of community members from law enforcement, health care, and religious, educational, business, and social service organizations. Members meet due to their interest in improving the community’s response to domestic and sexual violence.

This year, the coalition is committed to distributing 10,000 White Ribbons to Ravalli County residents. To meet that goal, they need your help. They are seeking groups of individuals who would be willing to fold and pin White Ribbon cards.

For more information, to request ribbons, or to help us meet the distribution goal, contact Sonya at 363-2793 or sbitterman@safeinthebittorroot.org.