Gusts of wind, liquid sunshine and sporadic bursts of blue sky were key visitors to 38th Annual McIntosh Apple Day at the Ravalli County Museum on Saturday. The crowd came anyway to enjoy the tastes, smells and sounds of everything apple and fall.

Leaves swirled down from the trees at the museum on vendors and community members as they enjoyed apple pies, apple butter, and apple with caramel, cider, music, food, raffles, silent auction, and community visiting.

Sarah Monson, marketing and events executive for the museum, called the day a success.

“We had a few no-shows but we 165 vendors,” Monson said. “I have regular vendors that all they do is come in for Apple Day. It’s hard to tell how many visitors we’ve had but if I made a guess I’d say 6,000. I do know we had 20,000 shares of our event on Facebook.”

Bob and Maggie Maddison with Bob & Maggie’s Garden Goodies had colorful home-canned jars of produce and fresh garlic.

Moeller’s Nursery had corn hanging from the tent awning with fall produce, winter squash, gourds and all sizes of pumpkins for sale.

“It was a great year for pumpkins,” said Julie Moeller Schairer. “If you don’t see what you’re looking for here come to our nursery - we’re loaded.”

Boy Scouts with Troup 76 made cider and Alicia Faulisi and Andrew Rowe, culinary students at the Trapper Creek Job Corps, stirred the large cauldron of simmering apple butter that was canned for sale to benefit the museum.

Julie Swanson sold fresh crisp Macintosh apples and cider. Swanson’s Mountain View Orchards donated the apples that went into the 700 hand-crafted apple pies.

Volunteers Kathy Finney and Jill Prochacka enjoyed selling apple butter and visiting with the community.

The 700 lovingly-crafted, made-from-scratch, double-crust and Dutch crumb melt-in-your-mouth apple pies sold out.

The 38th Annual McIntosh Apple Day at the Ravalli County Museum was a success, raised funds for museum activities and programming, and provided a nice fall experience for all ages.

“Little bit of rain, but everyone has a smile,” Monson said.