The official number of students is down for most schools in the valley, compared to official county numbers taken on Feb. 2, 2017.

Corvallis and Stevensville are the exceptions in the newest school enrollment numbers, which were taken Oct. 2.

The Corvallis School District's fall student count is 1,393, which is up from 1,337 last spring. They have a part-time student in the middle school and 12 part-time students at the high school.

The Corvallis High School has the largest enrollment in the Bitterroot Valley, with 503 students, compared to 449 last spring. Twelve of those enrolled are part-time students.

Enrollment numbers for grades K-4 counts 459 current students compared to 454 last spring; the middle school currently has 431 students, compared to 434 last spring, with one part-time student.

Superintendent Tim Johnson said Corvallis has experienced several years of increasing enrollment, almost 144 since the fall of 2014.

“We appreciate and are thankful for each family’s choice to enroll their children at Corvallis School District,” Johnson said.

The Stevensville School District has seen growth from 978 last spring to 1,061 currently. Specific numbers by grades are K-6 has 505 currently, compared to 481 last spring; grade 7-8 have 165 currently, compared to 154 last spring; and the high school is up to 391 students, compared to 343 last spring.

“Growth is plus 24 in the K-6, plus 11 in grades 7-8, and plus 48 in the high school,” said Superintendent Bob Moore. “We are excited with the growth we are seeing in the district and are working to meet the needs of the additional student population with our instruction, as well as facilities planning processes.”

The Hamilton School District currently has a total of 1,470 students, which is down four compared to its spring numbers. The K-6 current student count is 750, down from 771 in the spring; the 7-8 middle school total currently is 234, which is an increase from 217 last spring; and the high school has remained the same, with grades 9-12 at 486 students for both official enrollment counts.

The Darby School District has 321 students this year compared to 343 last spring. Specific numbers are: 165 elementary students, down from 187 last spring; 52 junior high students, up from 46 last spring; and the high school enrollment remained steady with 104 both currently and last spring.

“We realized this summer we were going to be down in numbers when we were made aware of four large families moving out of state,” said Superintendent Loyd Rennaker. “Our lower elementary grades jumped up dramatically last year, but this year they have dropped back down. We appreciate our students and continue to work diligently to give them a quality education.”

The Florence School District currently has 812 students, which is down 11 students from last February.

“Last year we had 65 children in kindergarten and this year 55 - that’s 10 kids right there,” said Superintendent Bud Scully. “We graduated a big class last year and class sizes fluctuate. The high school, with 253 students, is close to what it was last spring (255).”

This year, Florence's junior high has 143 students and K-6 has 116.

Scully said Florence is in the design phase of a possible building project.

“We’re looking into a building project to improve our campus and have hired Nick Salmon from Collaborative Learning Network,” Scully said. “We had him at a facilities meeting in September. We'll have one Oct. 11 and another Nov. 8 to do the examination of what we have and where we need to go. It’s been since 1992 since our last building project.”

The public is invited to the preliminary facilities planning sessions on Wednesday, Oct. 11, in the district conference room. Session one is from 8:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. and session two begins at 6 p.m.

“We are still in the planning stage,” Scully said. “We invite the public to come, hear about the process and contribute to the discussion. We welcome ideas and opinions from community members.”

The Victor School District currently has a total of 274 students in grades K-12.

At Lone Rock School there are currently 208 students in grades K-8, which is down a bit from last spring (221).

“The 8th-grade class that graduated last year was quite large and we are seeing some of the effects of that,” said Superintendent Scott Stiegler. “Lone Rock School District is looking to rebound from that. This fall, we welcomed several former home-school students who are attending public school for the first time. We also have 47 out-of-district students, which is nearly a quarter of our total enrollment.”