DARBY - An early-morning shooting in Darby Monday left one woman dead and her estranged husband in custody in Hamilton after turning himself in to Sheriff's officers.

Carl Yetman, 63, of California, was arrested in connection with the crime, and charged with deliberate homicide. The victim has been identified as Labecca Yetman, 35, of Ravalli County.

Multiple gunshots rang out from behind Robbins Restaurant on Main Street at about 6:45 a.m. as the victim, a waitress there, was arriving for work.

Darby Marshal Larry Rose rushed to the scene from his home a few blocks away. Within minutes of the shooting Rose was on site and discovered Labecca Yetman's body in her car behind the restaurant, according to a press release from the Darby Marshal's Office.

According to Rose the suspect drove to Hamilton and turned himself in.

The press release expanded on his comments from early in the day.

"As law enforcement began investigating the crime scene in Darby the suspect Carl Yetman, 63, of California walked into the lobby of the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office," according to the press release.

Ravalli County Sheriff's officers and Marshal Rose are continuing to investigate the murder.

According to Rose there are a lot of witnesses and for most of the day Monday, they were being interviewed and statements taken.

"We just need to cover all of the bases. We have a lot of evidence," he said.

Carl Yetman is expected to be arraigned Tuesday.

Rose would only say the type of weapon involved was "large caliber."

This is the first murder in Darby involving a firearm in more than 30 years, according to Rose.

There was a murder in 2002 in which Keith Westberry was found guilty of supplying a drug cocktail that killed a teenage girl in September 2002.

Reporter Timothy Mitchell can be reached at 363-3300 or tmitchell@ravallirepublic.com

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