FLORENCE - Eighth graders Kylie Kinnaman and Robbi Leibenguth got Florence-Carlton's eighth grade Park Fun Day started the easy way, chilling in the picnic area with some root beer floats.

That was after whooping up on the opposing team in volleyball.

The pair admitted it hadn't been a fair fight.

"It was like the volleyball team versus the non-volleyball team," Leibenguth said.

The event, which was duplicated for the Florence-Carlton Middle School sixth and seventh graders, works to burn off some spring steam.

Laura Perticara, who works in the school's Family Resource Center, said the students make the most of it.

"They really have been having a good time," she said.

The other events featured in Park Fun Day are the sack race, the fireman's race (where participants relay while having to put on a complete fireman's suit) and the sponge relay race (where a sponge is passed along to fill up a bucket).

Leanne Deschamps, an eighth grade reading and French teacher at Florence-Carlton, said the fireman's race was more work than most of the students thought it was going to be.

Just to be sure, she tried it herself.

"I was surprised too, because I could barely run that stuff was so heavy," she said.

In the end, the fact that these events bring the students, teachers and parents together makes it kind of a unique opportunity, Deschamps said.

"It's really a nice event because, instead of just seeing you as their teacher, they kind of see you as a person," she added.

Kinnaman and Leibenguth said the Park Fun Day was alright, but they were really looking forward to their class trip to Silverwood theme park, for which the class fundraised.

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