Catalyst Physical Therapy in Hamilton has doubled the clinic size and is bringing on a new therapist in March.

The staff is all women: three physical therapists, plus a biller and marketer, and receptionist, but they treat everyone. Catalyst offers physical therapists for the whole visit.

Catalyst Physical Therapy owner Rebekah Stamp said they receive positive feedback from their patients.

“We are doing a really good job and the comments from our patients have been very positive. We are moving on up,” Stamp said. “I have the best staff in the world. We are an all-women staff, our emphasis is in orthopedic rehab, and we also focus on prehab. We are a prehabilitation clinic so not only do patients receive the rehab but how can we prevent future injuries.”

Stamp said the focus is on the whole person and the therapist may be working with a person with a knee injury but might notice an underlying problem with a hip.

“We’ll address that as well,” Stamp said. “We don’t look at you as just a knee you are a head to toe person. If we find a dysfunction we want to do the ‘prehab’ not just for what they are in for but anything else we identify.”

Physical therapist Angela Saporita said the Core Align machine is unique in Hamilton.

“It’s a whole body machine that is really popular in Missoula,” Saporita said. “It can help us see the whole body picture while focusing on just the injured area.”

Stamp said the Core Align is very versatile.

“It is low impact and not hard on your joints,” Stamp said. “I think that is why everyone loves it so much. They don’t hurt afterwards but they can feel the difference when they are moving improperly and we correct it. We get the best results when the patient can feel that connection. The goal is they are doing what they are supposed to do to get better.”

Stamp moved to Hamilton in 2002, started Catalyst in 2006, and is enjoying the downtown Hamilton location. The business is in an easily accessible location with off-street parking and an expansion of bright sunny rooms that have a comfortable feeling. Stamp said they had to expand the clinic to meet the growing needs of the community.

“I love being downtown. Some of our patients just stop by to say hi and tell us how they are doing,” Stamp said. “It makes my job great and gives me the goosies. I absolutely love it here. I love the valley, I love the people, and I love the community.”

Physical therapist Angela Saporita joined Catalyst in April 2015.

“She is energetic and the patients absolutely adore her,” Stamp said. “She gets them to do their exercises. They come in here and are excited and eager. People feel the dynamics, positive energy, and environment. They enjoy coming in and getting better. We pride ourselves that every patient leaves here feeling they received something out of each visit.”

Stamp said that the Catalyst clinic is unique because physical therapists provide all the therapies.

“You’ll always get a PT for the entire visit,” Stamp said.

Saporita agreed.

“We don’t have assistants, trainers, aides or technicians,” Saporita said. “Every patient gets one-on-one therapy from a physical therapist for the whole hour of their appointment.”

Stamp said that is why patients return to Catalyst.

“They like that one-on-one care they know they will get,” Stamp said. “The studies are out there that you get better results if you are treated by at PT for the entire visit. We are all about the patient. My goal isn’t to be the biggest but to be the best.”

Stamp said education on bodies and early detection lead to better health awareness and fewer injuries. Catalyst Physical Therapy treats everything from back pain to twisted ankles. The company receives referrals from doctors and from patients who tell their friends.

New offerings at Catalyst Physical Therapy include a new physical therapist, yoga, and dry needling.

Suzy Berland will join the team March 1. She received her doctor of physical therapy from the University of Montana. She has a high interest in sports rehab and orthopedics because she plays volleyball and runs.

Also in March, Saporita will complete the required 200 hours of training to become a certified yoga teacher.

“We often get people with injuries that aren’t sure if yoga is for them or if it is appropriate,” Saporita said. “I’ll be certified to teach yoga and can incorporate it into my rehab as well. It will be exciting to add that aspect. I have patients that do yoga and I can help them with modifications.”

Stamp said that physical therapy often incorporates yoga and pilates to better serve their patients.

Stamp and Saporita are certified in dry needling for trigger points or knots in muscles.

“We use the same kind of needle as acupuncture but it is very different,” Stamp said. “It really is a great tool for us to use.”

Saporita said, “Dry needling works well for treating whiplash after an accident, where everything is tightened up and guarded.”

Stamp said Catalyst Physical Therapy works with the method that is best for the whole body of each person.

Catalyst Physical Therapy is located at 117 N. Fourth St. Suite A2 in Hamilton. Call 406-363-2494 or visit online at

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